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Introduction to PETITE DANCE Programs

Our dance programs help children develop:

  • Self–concept – through interaction and expression children feel good about themselves.
  • Social skills – sharing, taking turns, and relating appropriately to others.
  • Creative expression – communicating their feelings and ideas through the art forms of dance.
  • Balance – ability to assume and maintain body positions, which is crucial for walking, running, jumping, skating, and learning to ride a bike.
  • Bilateral coordination – using both sides of the body simultaneously, even if movement is not symmetrical.
  • Concept Awareness – an understanding of specific concept, such as open/close, up/down, big/little.
  • Gross motor skills – control of large muscles, such as those in arms and legs. Used in walking, running, swimming.
  • Fine motor skills – control of the small muscles, especially those in hands. Used in cutting with scissors, writing, using buttons and tying shoelaces.
  • Reflex – automatic response to stimuli and events. An example is putting the hands up to catch a ball.
  • Memory – learning and memorizing simple dance routines.
  • – and – more…

Petite Ballet

Classical based class for little dancers.

Girls will learn basic ballet positions

and dance steps while improving balance & coordination,

posture & artistry. Sparkling tutu’s, princess wands

and special dances await your little dancer.

Ballet program is characterized by weekly themes, music and props.




(Boys & Girls)

A fun and energetic dance exercise class to different genres of

child-friendly music. (Latin, Fitness, Hiphop).

Our class incorporates memory and listening skills, dance

choreography and rhythmic games.

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