Week days: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed

Lights. Camera. Action.

Calling all boys and's that time of year again. Another great session will soon begin, we are so excited, are you?

Get Moving

We encourage all students to get moving, our Fit Dance classes for both boys and girls are a big hit! The quiet types become more energetic and gain confidence, the not-so-reserved, thrive and lead.

Poise & Posture

Concentration, and execution await our ballet dancers. Our students enjoy the many benefits of learning technique in a structured environment and especially what comes next...

Save the Date

The icing on top! Our session finale - performance for parents. Every session, stars are born!


Register today and join us for our Spring Session!




  • Tiro’s

    I don’t know if you realize the joy that it brings the parents to watch their children – it’s so special! My daughter speaks of “dance class” a lot and she has such a ball! Can’t wait until next year and thank you again! 🙂

  • R. Woodard

    …our daughter is doing better this semester, she loves your Ballet class!! 🙂

  • H. Talbot

    …thought you would like to hear that my daughter loves ballet enough that she has declared she is changing her name and becoming a ballet teacher when she grows up. 😉

  • K. A.

    …Thanks, my daughters love the class!

  • E. Pham

    …BTW, my daughter loves your ballet classes!

  • Karen

    Our daughter is doing very well this semester. Her dancing and listening skills have definitely improved 😉

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